Day 2 and 3

Day 2

Had to rise at 330 on Tuesday morning to train for a new job at a place that provides cyclists with indoor workouts. I had my Bulletproof Coffee to wake me. I had prepared my meals for day 2 the night before.

Breakfast was more of the Thanksgiving Egg Casserole, a little guacamole, sweet potato, 1/2 banana and coconut butter.

I had leftover Bison, sweet potato, green beans, 1/2 banana and coconut butter, kombucha for lunch.

I was going to ride my bike straight from work, which meant I would not get  home until 7pm. I was starting to feel a little hungry and new that dinner would be really late so I ended up eating a Larabar which I keep for emergencies.

Guess what? We decided not to ride because it was so cold and windy. I went home and rode my bike on the trainer instead. I had put chicken breast and thighs with Franks Red Hot Sauce in the crockpot so those were ready for dinner. The only thing left was to sauté Brussels sprouts and cook a sweet potato. Dinner done!

photo (4)

Today was a little difficult for me. I really wanted to snack, not really hungry just having issues wanting to eat. Maybe because I was not feeling well.  I have been dealing with  a sciatica issue since November and it was really bothering me so maybe I was feeling a little sorry for myself.

I know I mentioned in my first post that my weight had crept up. I just want to say that I am not doing this for weight issues at all. I know that will take care of itself. Besides, I have no idea what my weight is since I have not been on the scale since February.  I just need to get a handle on days like today when I just want to eat for no reason.

Day 3

So far today has been a lot better than yesterday. I slept pretty good last night, my leg/back is not bothering me as much and my food consumption seems to be under control. I just have a better outlook in general.

This morning I scrambled eggs with kale, sweet potato, an Applegate Farm All Natural hot dog and topped it with guacamole. 1/2 banana with coconut butter on the side. Of course we can’t forget my bulletproof coffee.

Immediately following work, I will meet my friends for a ride. Even though it is warmer, we will still have winds gusting to 30mph to contend with.

Lunch was leftover Bison, Brussels sprouts, sweet potato and other have of banana.


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