Sunday, February 9, 2014

Well it’s been a few days. My Whole 30 was officially over on Tuesday, 2/4 but I carried it out until Thursday, 2/6.  My results are as follows:

Hips down 1 inch

Chest down .75 inch

Waist down 1.5 inch

Thighs remained the same. I guess there is no way to reduce those cycling thighs. 🙂

As well as lost inches, I feel so much better. My energy levels are more stable throughout the day.

On Friday, we had a birthday celebration at one of my favorite compliant restaurants. I was compliant with all of my food except I had a gluten free bin and a glass of wine because it was brought to the table by mistake and how could I let them just throw out perfectly good wine? 🙂 The next morning on Saturday, I had a headache and felt kind of swollen and puffy. Yep, had to be the wine.

Saturday was not a very good day as far as being compliant either. I met my team for Breakfast at Prasino (compliant) but again I succumbed to the gluten free bread. They have the best GF bread that I have ever had. After that, I went for a snow mountain bike ride and we had lunch out. I had a grass fed burger and some greens. We had another birthday party to attend in the evening and I intended to make dinner at home so we could eat a good for us meal. Since our lunch was so late, we were not hungry for dinner before we left so we had to make do with the menu selections at the party. I had a Chicken sandwich, minus the bread and cheese and some salad greens. I also had 2 Stella Cidres.

Well let me tell you, I feel horrible this morning. I did not sleep well, my body is all bloated and swollen, I’m having constant hot flashes and my nose is stopped up. All of this eating out is really not like me at all and I am once again reminded why I don’t do it and how it is so not worth it.


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