Day 12 Boundless Energy Day!

Don’t I wish! I remember the last time that I did the Whole30 I did have this day. It was scary. I was cleaning cabinets and running around the house looking for things to do. But I’m sure with the long stressful days this week, I’m not going to get that today. But all in all, I’m still good.

I kind of messed up yesterday but I don’t think it warrants starting over. If you disagree, you can let me know. Remember, I said I packed a lunch and a dinner for the hospital. I did eat my lunch as planned but we didn’t get to eat until around 3pm I think. So at dinner time I was not hungry yet and by the time I was hungry, it was pretty late and we were waiting for progress updates. The cafeteria closed so the other people with us could not get food. I would have felt really bad going to get my food and eating in front of them. As it ended up, I had nuts and a Larabar for dinner. They are both Whole30 legal foods but nuts in limited quantities and Larabars for emergencies only. So I don’t think I will be restarting from day 1. I am however, back at work today with all of my normal meals planned, in somewhat my normal routine.

I had my normal eggs, kale, squash breakfast and will have leftover spaghetti squash in meat sauce over spinach for lunch. I have chicken at home that was cooked in the crockpot yesterday so there is dinner!!

I came across this today so I think I may try this as breakfast this weekend.

1-1/2 apples chopped and sautéed until soft in coconut oil with cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg. Crack in 3 eggs and stir like mad until all the rawness is gone. Remove from the heat and add some coconut milk for fat and extra cinnamon. Can serve with a side of sautéed spinach.

Hope everyone has a great day!


One thought on “Day 12 Boundless Energy Day!

  1. I don’t think that warrants a start over.
    I mean the point is to get your nutrition on track. You had to make an adjustment, but it certainly wasn’t French fries.
    Two thumbs up so far!!

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