Fastforward…It’s now day 28

Wow! Sorry I have been out of touch for so long. Time just gets away when there are life events going on. Instead of trying to recap all the days that I missed, I will pick up with today for the most part.

I think I am going to add a couple days on to my Whole30, finishing on Friday 2/7.  I have done really well especially with all of the obstacles thrown my way during my 30 days. I do wish that I would have blogged my first Whole30 as I was much better at trying all kinds of new recipes, etc…

Anyway on Weds, January 29, (day 24) was the day of the funeral. I ate breakfast before we went. We got there at 1030 am. After the services and going to the cemetery, it was about 230pm or later before we had lunch. I had eaten a half of a Lara Bar at some point in the car to hold me over.

We ate at a local cafe that is locally sourced with grass fed, pastured meats. I ordered a burger with no bun and a side spinach salad. I asked for them to leave out the cheese and to give me vinegarette on the side. Well, when I got it, I had a bun, no big deal just remove it. But they did still put dressing on the salad. At this point, I was starving and I didn’t take the time to send it back. So I’m sure I had some kind of sweetener, I believe it was honey. That is one reason why I will add on some days.

So fast forwarding to the present. We were going to go to the Block for dinner, which is one of my favorite restaurants. They also are locally sourced and they are also a butcher shop.  They have brussels sprouts to die for!

Well the weather here has been not so good and temps were dropping below freezing and it was still raining. Since it would be very likely that the roads would get icy, we decided not to make the 30 minute drive there.  😦 So instead, I made flank steak for dinner. I have never made that before and I know it has a tendency to be tough. I put salt and pepper on it and broiled it about 4 minutes on each side. It was tasty but I would like to find a good recipe for it. I made a side of Brussels (what else). I made them slightly different than I normally do and oh my, I think they were amazing.


So it’s now, Sunday morning Superbowl Sunday, to be exact. I have Well Fed’s Chocolate Chili on the menu for tonight. I will prepare it this morning and let it simmer most of the day in the crockpot. mmm mmm good..

Have a great morning and I will check back in later.


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