Days 20-21

Day 20 Saturday January 25, 2014

Did not sleep well last night, woke at 230 and did not get back to sleep and eventually got up at 4:00. Drank some coffee and made a new recipe for breakfast. A breakfast Meatza. It was good and filling but I think next time I will use a slightly larger pan so the bottom layer isn’t quite so thick and add an egg or two more. I used beef instead of lamb.


The rest of the day was uneventful as we were working in my Boyfriends mom’s house all afternoon.

It got late and we all needed dinner so we went to a bar/grill and I got another burger. This one being bison and some steamed broccoli. I was considering the green beans but when I asked the waitress how they were cooked, she said “in a pan”.  So I just decided to not go any further with that. The sad part is that she was not being rude, she was serious. We got a good laugh out of that.

Day 21-Sunday January 26, 2014

This day is our team ride. The whole team participates and we do drills, etc… We didn’t have to meet until 10am so I had breakfast of eggs, kale, squash. I was able to take my time and pack some leftover meatza for my recovery/lunch meal. I also packed some pistachios, squeezable sweet potato and apples (yes baby food). I put BCAA powder in my water bottle. Remember, I mentioned before that I am trying different things with my racing nutrition. I have to test it out during training so that I know what is and isn’t going to work.

I had plenty of energy during our training events and when we were done, I was quite hungry. I ate my food at the coffee shop while the others ordered theirs.

I was still pretty hungry when I got home so I ate some more protein and carbs to hold me over. It was about 3pm when I got home and cleaned up etc.. so not too much time until dinner.

I baked some pork chops and had some Brussels sprouts and sweet potatoes. That was quick and easy and that’s what I needed for the busy days that I have had. I also got a roast out for Monday’s dinner. Spent the evening, fixing breakfast, lunch and packing my clothes for Monday. On Monday’s I get up at 4 and teach an early Body Pump class at the gym then go to work right from there.

Watched some of the Grammys and then went to bed.


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