Friday, 1/24/2014 Day 19

Wow! This has been some month! Never a dull moment and most not good. I started my day by having to cancel my spinning class to take my mother to the hospital as her heart was bothering her. As it turned out, all was fine and they sent her home. What a relief. I went into work late and finally got to eat my breakfast.

About lunchtime, I got a call from my boyfriend, his mom went into cardiac arrest and we had to leave and go to the hospital.  I had just finished my my lunch. We sat at the hospital and the news ended up not being good. We lost her as they were unsuccessful in resuscitating her.

After all of the things that you have to do in these situations (making calls, etc…) we headed for home. Starving. Could not believe that I was actually hungry.  But obviously I had no desire or concentration to fix a meal.

We ended up going out to one of our favorite restaurants and with just a few modifications, I could be compliant. This restaurant serves grass fed beef and organic, seasonal veggies, etc… I had a burger and beet salad. I had them hold the cheeses and candied nuts. So all was good. Kind of…I really wanted a drink but was able to start strong without too much effort. I did however, get the gluten free bun on my burger. They have the BEST GF bread that I have ever tasted. Under normal circumstances, I could have resisted but I just felt “entitled” . You know that feeling, I’m sure. I didn’t eat all of it because it was way too filling.  I know that I should restart my Whole30 but I’m not going to. I will just get right back on track.

I have been feeling really good and have noticed changes in my body. I certainly hope I didn’t mess that up.


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