Day 18

Good morning! I didn’t write about anything on Day 17 because there really wasn’t much to report.

I had my normal breakfast, leftover chicken for lunch and dinner was leftovers as well.

Day 17, January 22, 2014

I started the day with my Wednesday morning spinning class and in the evening I had my Corrective Exercise Session. Boy did that hurt! I was so out of it after that hour that I drove about 1/2 mile before I realized that I didn’t have my headlights on. And yes, it was dark! I still have the tingling in my leg but can tell that my core is getting stronger. Hopefully, this is the answer.

Day 18, January 23, 2014

So today, I decided to do my cycling workout before work so I would not be rushed in the evening. I guess if any good can come of not being able to ride outside, it is that. So I got up at 3:40 am, this was not intentional but I woke and decided that way I could be on my bike by 4am and done 5am. NOT the way it worked. While I had laid out all of my clothes, I couldn’t find my heart rate strap, my bike computer was acting wonky, etc…I didn’t get started until 425. 🙂 After the hour was done, I was a bit pressed for time.

I made my breakfast, (eggs, kale, squash in coconut oil) packed my lunch of leftover brisket, veggies & sweet potato. I have used almost all leftovers now, so I will have to prepare something for dinner tonight.

We had baked tuna fillets with sweet potato and green beans.

Since I was up so early, it was also early to bed. 🙂



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