Day 11

So these late nights are really bad on the organization. We got home pretty late last night by the time we worked, went to the hospital and I had my training session.

For dinner I threw together the sauce for our spaghetti dinner that we were supposed to have the night before. Served it on top of spinach.


I slept really good last night and was going to get up at 530 but instead pushed it to 630. We will be spending the day at the hospital so I have to get prepared.

I ate my normal egg breakfast and then went to work on preparations.  I put together a meal each of Spaghetti Squash over spinach and broccoli. Another meal each of the last of the leftover roast, sweet potato and brussels. I also packed some snacks of nuts and lara bars, hard boiled egg.

I also put my old stand by, chicken with ghee and Franks Red Hot in the crockpot and some sweet potatoes in another crockpot. If we aren’t home to eat dinner we will have food for our lunches tomorrow.

We have a back pack full of books, laptop and iPads. We should be good to go.

As with all things planned, they have not went as expected. They were supposed to start surgery around noon but did not take her until 215. We were starving but ate our lunch and now we wait. It will probably be 7pm before surgery is done so it is a good thing that I planned and brought another meal.

Still going strong and on track on Day 11. 🙂


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