Today is Day 10 and…

according to the Whole30 timeline, days 10-11 are the hardest days. It is at this time that most people give in to temptation and don’t finish their 30 days. While I still feel good in my resolve, I will have to say that there have been a whole new set of challenges during this Whole30.

Last night, our schedules got unexpectedly rearranged so I didn’t get to fix our spaghetti dinner. I had the meat browned but still had to fix the squash and the sauce. It was going to be a really late dinner so we resorted to our leftovers. Thank goodness we have those!!! I cooked the squash so it is ready for tonight and I only have to fix the sauce. Again, our schedule got changed tonight so thankfully the sauce won’t take long.

So that being said, tomorrow will be the really challenging day. We will be spending the day at the hospital for my boyfriend’s mom to have heart surgery. They said this surgery could be anywhere from 5-7 hours. This means that I am going to have to be very organized and plan very well. I will try to think this through and pack meals and enough food to take me through the day.

I can do this! I will NOT be one of the statistics that stops on days 10-11!


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