Monday, Day 8

So here we are Monday and Day 8. For some reason, I don’t think I slept real well. Tossed and turned a lot, hot & cold. I find this unusual since I have had some of my best sleep during the Whole30. Maybe, my body is still “detoxing” so to speak and the sleep hasn’t worked its way in yet. Still feeling really good though, not feeling like I am short on sleep.

For lunch today, there was leftover green beans, sweet potato, meatloaf and kombucha with 1/2 banana and coconut butter.

I have a rather filled evening so I am not sure when I am going to get to eat dinner. We are having tuna filets, broccoli and sweet potatoes.

I get home about 4pm, quickly threw the food in the oven and skillet. I had to teach a class at 530 pm and then a trainer appointment immediately following. I will not be home until 8pm. I just ate a few bites of each item. Not ideal, I know but I couldn’t eat too much before teaching my Body Pump class. That could be disastrous! I will pack a hard boiled egg in case I need something between.

I finished the remainder of the Curry Chicken when I got home so I didn’t go to bed hungry.


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