Day 9 and feeling fine!

Oh yes, I know that was corny but I couldn’t resist. 🙂 

I didn’t sleep well at all last night but I don’t believe it was from Whole30. Every time I tried moving in bed, my body said “I don’t think so”. My trainer session was apparently a little harder on the muscles than I realized. This was not a workout session but a corrective exercise session. Physical Therapy so to speak. Trying to correct some imbalances with my body. But that is a whole other topic for some other time. Then of course, there was an Amber alert that came in on my phone. I’m not really sure how that works but it is the most horrible loud alarm and I never did realize until this morning that it had been an amber alert. I just thought my alarm was going bonkers.

In spite of not sleeping well, I do feel really good and energetic. I got up at my normal 4am and fixed todays breakfast and lunch. Lunch consisting of beef roast, broccoli, sweet potato, 1/2 banana and coconut butter.

Tonight we are having this: only instead of chicken I am going to use grass fed ground beef. I browned the beef this morning so that part is done. I can make the sauce, let it simmer and put the squash in the oven to cook.  I can do my workout while those things are cooking-multi tasking. 🙂  


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