Sunday update

Woke up at 4 but my alarm was set for 5. Stayed in bed until almost time for the alarm to go off. Not sure why that happened but I did sleep well. Meeting for the Sunday morning Coffee Shop ride at 730am. Put the roast in a crockpot with parsnips and another crockpot was loaded with sweet potatoes. All to be ready when we get home.

I know, I’m not original with my breakfast (I warned you) so I had my same ole same ole. 🙂 Then headed out. It was still too icy to take off on our bikes so we congregated at the coffee shop for an hour or so to give the sun time to melt things a little.

I took pistachios w/raisins and a hard boiled egg for a snack if I needed one. We rode about 36 miles with a stop in the middle at another coffee shop. I ate my snacks there and was fine for the ride home. Only water in my bottles. I wish we could have ridden longer, but we had things to get done in the afternoon. It was a beautiful day.

I was pretty hungry by the time we arrived home and ate leftover sloppy joes and cabbage for lunch. For some reason, I was really hungry in the afternoon and could not get satisfied so I also snacked on some leftover meatloaf and sweet potato with coconut butter. In the past, I would have not let myself snack for fear I was eating too much. I now know that I have to eat when I am hungry because my body knows better than I do, what it needs and I need to listen to it.

Dinner time rolled around and we had roast, parsnips, green beans, and sweet potatoes.

Completely exhausted tonight and fell asleep on the couch before heading to bed. 🙂

The days of the weekend are designated as “I just want to nap”. I felt anyway but that. I had plenty of energy was on the go all weekend.

I had hoped this blog would be about how one goes through different feelings/processes during the Whole30 and that those are normal. I haven’t experienced as much of that during this one (2nd) as I did the first one. Maybe because it isn’t such a drastic change this time?


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