Miss me?

I know I have been MIA for a couple days but the weekend was a little busy. In a good way! And now I am on Day 8 and still going strong! Feeling great and had plenty of endurance for my team ride.

Let me give you a brief rundown of my weekend.

Saturday started out with meeting a friend for coffee before heading to our team ride and meeting. I was looking forward to seeing the team but not the team ride because it was going to be a “race” of sorts and I am just not “race ready” mentally or physically. The coach was also going to be serving lunch but he is a vegan and I am doing Whole30. Pretty far apart on the scale. 🙂 He tries to accommodate me but I told him to not worry about it and I would bring my own lunch. Boy was it a long day! I didn’t get home until dinner time. The coach served wine/sangria, as he always does but I was able to turn that down as well. 🙂

As it turn out, I did enjoy the ride and was pleasantly surprised with my performance. Still not really “race ready” but performed better than expected.

I had my normal egg concoction for breakfast and leftover curry chicken for lunch. Didn’t really have plans for what I was fixing for dinner. So I made Salmon and sautéed cabbage & butternut squash. Turned out to be pretty tasty.

photo 1

photo 2

I took a beef roast out of the freezer to put in the crockpot for tomorrow’s dinner.


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