Day 3

Good morning Day 3! So glad to be back into a routine again. Well, at least trying to be.

I spent yesterday evening prepping for today’s meals so when I got up this morning, I just threw all of the ingredients in the crockpot and it is cooking now! A little extra time spent in the evening sure makes a big difference in the mornings. I taught my 530 am spinning class, which has not happened the last two weeks because of the holidays.

I woke with a slight headache but it seems to be gone now and I feel really good and energetic. I slept good with the exception of getting up a few times. I guess I drank more water than usual yesterday. 🙂

I know that Whole30 recommends eating breakfast within 30 minutes after waking but I usually cannot eat that soon so I waited until after my class this morning. I need to start remembering to eat a hard boiled egg or something right before class. This morning I had my normal scrambled egg combination with a side of blueberries.


This tastes much better than it may look. While my son was here during the holidays, I made these eggs and he couldn’t get enough of them. 🙂

Lunch today.  Leftover pulled pork, Brussels sprouts (have I mentioned that I LOVE Brussels), chunk of sweet potato with a dollop of coconut butter. Oh yes, and a glass of my home made Kombucha.


Dinner tonight was so yummy! Tonight’s meal was Curry Chicken from

I used green curry paste and added broccoli then serve it over chunks of sweet potatoes. I then topped it with Franks Red Hot Sauce. I have used chicken breast in the past but today I used thighs.

It tastes almost like my favorite dish from Hot Pot Smoothie Shop! 🙂

I used to eat only white meat but during my Paleo path, I have started really liking the other cuts. They are juicy, have more flavor and are much better for you!


I have made it through day 3 with no problems and I’m looking forward to Day 4. Tomorrow’s meals will consist of leftovers so tonight I am going to take it easy and watch the people’s choice awards.


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