A little about myself

I have spent my entire life being concerned about my weight. For as long as I remember I have counted points, calories in/out, carbs, fat, etc… I was obsessed with that number on the scale. I was always looking for the right diet. I have been obese and really thin but never consistent. Until now.

I have found that eating Paleo has been perfect for me. My weight no longer fluctuates, I feel good. I don’t have cravings. I no longer weight, measure my food or keep track of calories. I eat when I’m hungry until I am satisfied. That is it.

Eating the Paleo way is eating quality, nutrient dense foods that have little to no processing or ingredients. It’s that simple.

1 year ago, I took the Whole 30 journey. I learned a lot during that journey. Here are some of those things.

I learned that Whole30 is much more than a diet. It is a way to change your relationship with food. Yes, you eliminate grains, dairy and sugar because most illnesses are caused by those products. You are free to add those back in at the end of 30 days. I found that I felt so good and never missed them so I did not add them back in.

I learned that the number on the scale is not everything. I am no longer obsessed with that number although I do have to continue to work on that.

I learned why I eat when I eat. Am I really hungry or just bored.  I found that if I ate enough of the right foods, I rarely needed a snack in between meals.

I learned that restricting calories does not work and I eat when I’m hungry and some days that is a lot. That really took some getting used to. I kept thinking that I should not be eating so much.

I felt so good that I really did a Whole45 and ate 99% Whole30 after that. I did start letting more sugar slip in since September and had drank a little more alcohol. So I decided this January, I would start another Whole30 to reset things and get back to my good relationship with food. In doing so this time, I am going to attempt to blog about my experience.

I learned that cooking can be fun but you have to be organized.

I will attempt to make it interesting. Hope you enjoy!


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